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Wonder Park On the eve of the ‘blockbusters’ of 2019

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Wonder Park On the eve of the ‘blockbusters’ of 2019

In the month of March, the engines of a premiere season kick off that will take the direct cinephile to the end of stage three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the expected premiere of The Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, the following films promise to offer enough elements to amuse their audiences with diverse cinematographic genres.

Doug Liman, one of the favorite filmmakers of the star Tom Cruise, presents Chaos Walking, a science fiction project that is based on a literary trilogy by Patrick Ness, a writer remembered for his work A monster comes to see me.

With an approximate budget of $ 100 million, this film is starring Tom Holland, who is having an explosive year, as it will appear in the new Spider Man and the Avengers, who will act along with Daisy Ridley (Star Wars) and Nick Jonas ( Jumanji).

And what’s the plot? A young man survives in a dystopian society where there are no women and everyone can hear the thoughts because of a phenomenon known as ‘noise’. The story gets complicated when a female character appears, so they are forced to flee to save their lives.

Among generations of fans of the genre, this could be the surprise of the season and may raise a legion of followers as what happened in the sagas of Twilight or The Hunger Games, given the quality of the books of the American writer.

Little is known about the film, but in specialized Wonder Park full movie now magazines it is said that its release date is the first week of March, with a distribution of the company Lionsgate.

Another of the surprises of the season is the return of Ben Affleck to film projects, after saying goodbye forever to the Batman cape and being immersed in scandals in his personal life.

Affleck, as an actor, is placed under the orders of director JC Chandor (A very violent year and Margin Call) to accompany the Guatemalan Oscar Issac (Star Wars), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), the Chilean Pedro Pascal (Game of thrones) and Garret Hedlung (Tron: The Legacy), to show a military commando who plans to execute a theft of drug cartels in the triple border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

The interesting thing about this movie, Triple Frontera is that the limited release will be in the cinemas of the United States, but after March 6, the Netflix platform will launch it as one of its great productions of 2019.


Another great release awaited by the fans is Captain Marvel, which is a narrative transition between the end of The Avengers: Infinity Wars, but set thirty years ago, with the adventures of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

From social networks has been unleashed a good amount of news, spoilers, fake news and plot speculations that maintain a high expectation of how this film will be whose protagonist is a former fighter pilot who is becoming an elite military of the Kree , a race of military alien that in the comics appeared in The Fantastic 4.

With a budget of over $ 142 million, Capitana Marvel is one of the most coveted stories of the UCM.


Wonder Park is one of the animated films that unites talents from the United States and Spain, through lion Animation Studios, created in 2002 by the Pérez Dolset brothers, who became popular with their proposal Planet 51.

This year, with the voices of Jennifer Gardner, Mila Kunis, Ken Jeung and Mathew Broderick, they tell the story of June, a very special girl who finds an amusement park with talking animals and beautiful attractions that are really in her imagination.


Jordan Peele is one of the actors turned into filmmakers, with greater engagement in Hollywood, since he premiered that jewel of African-American cinema entitled Get Out, which earned him an Oscar for the best original screenplay.

If you were wondering, what is the new thing that Mr. Peele brings? It turns out that he is about to release Us, with a lot of reservation in the synopsis to try to cause the same sensation of restlessness of his previous work.

The first impressions after seeing the advance of the film were applause from his fans, seeing Lupita Nyong’o (12 years of slavery) immersed in a fantasy of horror, which promises much more for its premiere in two weeks

In Us we will meet Adelaide, who returns to her childhood neighborhood with her husband and children to enjoy the summer, but at nightfall the family encounters silhouettes that turn out to be malignant versions of themselves.